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Girls Softball League & Travel Team in Atlanta, Georgia

Your daughter can join the elite of the elite with Hurricanes Girls Softball Organization, Inc. a girls softball league and travel team in Atlanta, Georgia. Register her to be a part of HGSO greatness today!

Mission Statement
To implant firmly in the HGSO girls of fast pitch softball the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well-adjusted, stronger, happier girls and will grow up to be good, decent, healthy, and trustworthy citizens.

HGSO Guarantees

Year-Round Pitcher Instructions (Every girl in HGSO organization will be taught and learn the mechanics of pitching).

Year-Round Catcher Instructions (Every girl in HGSO organization will be taught and learn the mechanics of catcher).

Year-Round Speed & Agility Training (Every girl in HGSO organization will be engaged in speed and agility training).

Life Skills (All HGSO coaches in conjunction with HGSO parents will teach HGSO girls how to develop into outstanding student athletes who honor the values of pride, integrity and respect in the sport of fast pitch softball--beginning in the home, to the classroom, on the field and in life).

A Note from Our CEO, Katrina Sherwood
Currently, I am a Georgia Amateur Baseball Umpire (GABU) little league baseball official for 11 years, an Atlanta Public Schools (APS) high school softball coach for seven years and a Georgia High School Association (GHSA) and Amateur Softball Association (ASA) softball official for three years. As a varsity fast pitch softball coach in the Atlanta Public School system knowing the game of softball from both sides of the ball, I saw the need for improvement in the public school softball program mainly in the areas of pitching (which is the HEART of softball), hitting and fielding mechanics. 

Observing this need led me to start this organization, where we provide girls with year round pitching, hitting and fielding mechanics and instructions at an economically feasible cost. Due to the time frame for preparation for the softball season in the public school system, HGSO, Inc. will ultimately prepare our girls for the middle and high school season, in addition to becoming collegiate prospects and life after softball.

Girl, Softball Travel Team in Atlanta, GA

Girl, Softball Travel Team in Atlanta, GA

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HGSO, INC. Proud Member of Georgia ASA and NYSCA